Written by Hermann Keimeyer   


One has to study the writings by Hermann Keimeyer to find a healthy exit out of one´s physical body applying the anthroposophical training way.-




Here another proof of supersensible experience of an astral wandering by Hermann Keimeyer many decades ago after his 42-nd year, with a healthy exit from the physical body Rudolf Steiner has spoken of. Such a healthy exit can be brought about using the Michaelic anthroposophic training way and was experienced by Hermann Keimeyer not only once.-(*)

Master Jesus is the mystery name of Rudolf Steiner, experienced by Hermann Keimeyer during his stay free of body in the spiritual Sun temple of the supersensible Goetheanum in the spiritual circumference of our mother earth. If one is able to internalise this, a better collaboration with Rudolf Steiner will be possible in the spiritual world.-

Here a sketch of the experiences free of body by Hermann Keimeyer: the nine angelic kingdoms are, e.g., indicated by the term “Fiery Belt (Flammengürtel) of the Holy Spirit”. Concerning the term "Mother of God" is to be added that there are two Mary souls, Maria-Sophia and Maria Logos (Marie Steiner) who take turns with their accompanying nine hierarchical beings in each case as, for example, at the cosmic Michael cult of the 12 Christ powers....


With my spiritual friend Willy Seiss, the following dialog on the phone took place. I, Hermann Keimeyer, one of the minor pupils of Master Jesus, said to him: "As to me, the esoteric youth circle belongs to the sanctum.‑ Willy Seiss answered: "This is nonsense, the esoteric youth circle is dead".‑ end of his statement in Dec., 2010.

Master Jesus remarked: "Our friend Willy Seiss has accomplished a commendable life work which is still to be judged in its details, however, in his present life a darkening has been brought about by the three opponent powers concerning his attitude to the esoteric youth circle, which is permanently supporting Michael's fights."

End of the inspiration of Master Jesus (1/17/2011).


Concerning Judith von Halle one has to say that she publishes her basic conviction in talks and writings (2010/11) that Rudolf Steiner was, indeed, in close relation to Master Jesus, but is not identical with him.---

Moreover again Master Jesus: "Our spiritual sister Judith von Halle is a ray of hope for the anthroposophical world movement. She has clairvoyant karmic recollections of the events of the turn of our era, but she is not familiar with the three guardians of the threshold who are the "only gates of spiritual science" also according to my esoteric lessons of the Michael School. This statement also applies to our spiritual friend Willy Seiss, otherwise, he could not have made his statements on the esoteric youth circle."

End of the inspiration given by Master Jesus (1/17/2011)


Hermann Keimeyer wants still to remark that both friends are not able of astral wanderings in the spiritual Goetheanum which Hermann Keimeyer was allowed to make more than only once and from which (its cosmic cult, compare the following text of the drawing) resulted for him that Rudolf Steiner is identical with Master Jesus. Willy Seiss would not have made his statement on the esoteric youth circle if he also practised astral wanderings to the spiritual Goetheanum.-




How does one find the Sun temple of the supersensible Goetheanum?